Memories of the Light - Toni Maguire

Memories of the Light

By Toni Maguire

  • Release Date: 2012-02-03
  • Genre: Biographies et mémoires


Even as a young child, Toni Maguire had the ability to remember the unique moments of planning and discussions about a future physical life before she was born. In her autobiography, Maguire not only shares her recollections of an existence as a spirit before birth, but also her memories of her childhood and how it led her to learn diverse lessons, experience a variety of mistakes, and ultimately discover her true destiny.

In a simple and honest style, Maguire reveals how the effects of her unique memories moved her life in an unexpected direction and motivated her to separate from her husband when she was in her twenties and move to Nashville, Tennessee, where she would try to achieve musical success in what is often times an unforgiving and difficult industry. Always believing she was born to serve a special purpose, Maguire offers an introspective glimpse into her lifes journey as she recognizes her imperfections, learns to forgive herself for her mistakes, and grows within in order to find her purpose in life.

Memories of the Light shares a universal message coupled with the true story of one womans spiritual pilgrimage that allows others to imagine life in a new and different way.